The power of branded clothing

Branded clothing can undoubtedly have a big impact for any business.  The more times your company name, logo and colours are seen in the market brings more opportunity to increase brand awareness.      

Having people recognise your brand identity is hugely important when building brand loyalty.  Showcasing your brand across a variety of mediums helps customers begin to connect your brand identity to your business through visual branding design.   It is essential in today’s competitive landscape and using branded clothing is no exception.     

We’ve created a list of our top 5 reasons why you should have branded clothing as part of your brand strategy:   

Brand Awareness  
There are so many traditional and digital options available to raise your company’s profile, yet branded clothing is often not considered as part of a brand strategy.   However, using branded clothing “kicks in” subliminal associations between the consumer and the brand as they begin to associate features of the uniform such as colour or style with the brand identity. 

Employees wearing branded clothing further creates the opportunity for free advertising as staff become ‘walking billboards’ going about their daily activities in their uniforms, ‘quietly’ promoting your brand.  

Brand Engagement  
When people are seen wearing branded clothing, it creates greater opportunities for ‘spontaneous’ engagements to take place. For example, an employee being spotted in a branded polo shirt, might help strike up a conversation that might not otherwise occur i.e. What company is that? What do they do?  

And you never know what that conversation might lead too... 

Brand Giveaways  
It’s one thing to have your staff as walking billboards but getting your customers to do the same takes it to another level. Giving away branded clothing to customers, is a great way to get people interested and invested in your brand, especially if the clothing is premium quality.  If the consumer choses to wear the clothing and proudly promote your brand without ‘payment’ then it creates a greater impact than any paid for advertising.  

Brand Unity  
One team, one dream. Having staff wear matching uniforms helps unify the workforce to make them feel more like a team and bring everyone closer together as they all have something ‘in common’.   And, when people feel part of something, productivity increases as they care more about the cause and the impacts of those around them. 

Brand Impressions  
When people look at your brand, you want to make a lasting impression. Therefore, by creating a distinctive, unified, professional look across the company helps you to stand out.   

It is worth taking the time to design eye-catching clothing and create interest through a catchy phrase or style that represents your brand ethos and will have consumers asking questions.   

When people have a good experience with your brand and have a positive impression, they are more likely to buy because we all associate brands with experiences.   

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