Sturdy, durable, sleek and stylish, the double walled Refresh water bottle makes for the perfect companion on daily excursions. This bottle is eco-friendly, reusable & recyclable! What more could you want?

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to Refresh. Made from the highest quality food grade stainless steel, this bottle is built to last and will repel any lingering flavours. Includes a secure watertight lid to avoid leakages! Being double walled insulated it keeps hot drinks hot and heat locked in and cold drinks cold!

Feeling parched? Dry throat? Impatient to receive that burst of hydration? Then slake your thirst with the easy flow, wide, open bottle-neck.

On the go? Transport your Refresh water bottle in a sports bag, backpack or even a briefcase without the anxiety of a leaky bottle. Equipped with a vault-like screw top lid, you can rest easy knowing that nothing is coming out.

And if you thought carrying a bottle was too conventional, then we have got you covered. Exhibit your bottle in style by attaching it to yourself like a Christmas decoration with the carabiner clip (sold separately).

Make a splash at your next promotional event with big and bold branding.

C5715 Refresh Double Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle (500ml)



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